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Our mission is to enhance the quality of life for older persons.



We are living on the edge of a societal demographic shift. The Boomer generation has turned 65. This generation has changed things from birth, chiefly when it comes to public and private services. The focus of health and social services is shifting from intervention to prevention and self-sufficiency.

Mobility is the cornerstone for success as we strive to create a community for a lifetime-where people of all ages are valued and supported. The key to success is mobility and self-sufficiency. The key to mobility for older adults is to provide a transportation alternative they can use when driving is no longer an option. What good are excellent social and health resources if people cannot access them?

Many citizens were born in the house they live in today. Most have lived in their neighborhoods for many years, raised families, and given to their communities. Now they need a little help in order to stay in the homes they love. Finding trustworthy and reliable help at a price that someone on a limited income can afford isn’t easy.

Meaning and Mission

The following programs are designed to mirror our mission and enhance the physical and mental health, as well as stimulate social and civic engagement in our county.

Mission: to promote the dignity and independence of older people by providing the necessary mobility, safety and self-sufficiency.

Call to Action … We can not do this alone. The Center could not provide programs and services to the growing older adult population without the dedicated assistance of volunteers.


  • Volunteer Handymen
  • Volunteer Drivers

Safe at Home

  • Assist Seniors age 65 and older with small home repairs
  • Provide trustworthy and reliable help on a sliding scale
  • Access to vetted contractors for jobs beyond the scope of the retired handy persons volunteering.
  • Ability to stay in home with dignity and peace of mind for the homeowner
  • To the retired handy person, they are putting their skills and experience to good use
  • Family members are able to safely care for their loved ones


The Senior Express

  • Promote dignity and self-sufficiency
  • Provide door-through-door transportation(mobility) to the aging population in Will County
  • Utilize volunteer drivers to provide rides to the doctor and grocery store to seniors who are unable to drive themselves
  • Work with existing infrastructure to coordinate already existing transportation means
  • Recruit and vet volunteer drivers to provide door-through-door services
  • The transportation work plan will connect a volunteer driver with a senior who needs basic transportation services
  • The driver will use their own vehicle to take the client to various necessary appointments

Sources of Requests for Volunteers

  • Volunteer tradesmen
  • Faith groups
  • Retiree groups
  • Retirees
  • Business Community partnership
  • Union/Labor retirees
  • Other social service agencies
  • Community at large
  • Veterans/Military

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If you have any questions about the Programs, please call (815) 740-4203.

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