Now that my wife and are retired we have decided to give some of our time to places that could use our help. We are interested in helping others since we have been helped in the past and Senior Services has provided us with that opportunity. We have so much fun working with other seniors, too ! - Steve

A life of meaning is a life of giving. Volunteers help make so many of our services possible on the limited budgets which operate senior services. The bonus is the joy each volunteer has in participating.

There are many tasks for volunteers who wish to help with projects from time to time without making a large commitment.

  • Newsletters
  • Envelope stuffing
  • Organizing
  • Painting

There are opportunities for volunteers who would like to help on an ongoing basis but want to keep the work simple and easy.

  • Receptionist
  • Diabetes Screening
  • Hypertension tests
  • Vaccination
  • Senior Scams
  • Facebook Class
  • Financial Literacy
  • Healthy Eating

For those who would like to do some very meaningful but more public volunteer roles we have several choices.

  • Ambassador Club – Our representative at local fairs and senior expos
  • Advisory Council – Serve with other regular participants to offer suggestions
  • Program Host – Handle check in for various activities

All our volunteers receive a gift package for signing up and are also invited to attend our annual volunteer appreciation luncheon.