When it was time to enroll in Medicare Part D, I had no idea where to turn and how it worked. I hated to call the 800 number, but then I set up an appointment at Senior Services and they met with me face to face so I could ask my questions. They were great in helping me make my choices.- Norma

Senior Services of Will County acts as the representative of the Illinois Department of Aging within our communities. Folks seeking to see if they qualify for our services may call our intake line at 815-723-9713. Case managers will follow up to see what programs might be right for you or your loved ones

Information and Assistance Now Offered by Catholic Charities

Catholic Charities is a one-stop resource provider of information on various programs and services for anyone over age 60, adults with disabilities, and caregivers who live in Will County.

  • In-Home Care Services
  • Home Maintenance
  • Energy Assistance
  • Benefit Access Program
  • Medicare Part D
  • Home Delivered Meals
  • Income Tax Assistance
  • Property Tax Assistance
Low Income Home Energy Assistance Program (LIHEAP)

Provides a one-time yearly benefit to low-income households for winter heating bills. An overdue bill or disconnect notice is not required, nor do you have to own your own home or pay energy bills directly to be eligible for assistance. Call Will County Center for Community Concerns at (815) 722-0722 to schedule an appointment to apply for LIHEAP assistance.

Benefit Access

Benefit Access is available to seniors with a household income below an amount determined by the State of Illinois. This program allows a discount on your automobile license plate sticker.
Call Catholic Charities at 815-523-9918 for most current income eligibility guidelines.

Senior Homestead Exemption

When you (or your spouse) turn 65, the Senior Homestead Exemption will allow annual savings on property taxes regardless of income. Contact the Will County Supervisor of Assessments at (815) 740-4648 to apply.

Property Tax Deferral

Property owners, who have a total household income determined by the State of Illinois, fire and casualty insurance; and no delinquent real estate taxes, may elect to defer all or part of their property tax payments. Taxes would be repaid once the home is sold or when the taxpayer dies, with interest at 6% annum. Contact the Office of the Will County Treasurer at (815) 740-4675.

Veterans Drug Program

Veterans may receive their prescription drugs from a VA facility for free or at a reduced rate. For the nearest location of your local Veterans Affairs office or VA facility, call (800) 827-1000 or visit www.va.gov.

Mobile Home Exemption

Seniors who live in mobile homes, which do not have permanent foundations, are eligible for a 20 percent reduction in the mobile home privilege tax. Call the Will County Clerk’s office at (815) 727-8592.

Will County Prescription Drug Cards

The Will County drug card allows uninsured and underinsured residents substantial savings on their prescriptions without any limits of age or income, including individuals who are self-employed or small business owners looking to provide benefits to their employees without cost. This free prescription card program is available to all Will County residents. For more information call, 877-891- 2198

AIDS Drug Assistance Program

Assistance is available to persons who are HIV positive and not eligible for Medicaid. For more information, contact (800) 825- 3518 or visit www.idph.state.il.us.

Senior Citizen Assessment Freeze Homestead Exemption

The Assessment Freeze Homestead Exemption provides seniors with limited income protection against real estate tax increases due to rising property values. It is not a tax freeze or a tax reduction and does not protect against increased taxes due to tax rate increases. Because this exemption provides for a base year frozen assessment, it will potentially provide increased savings each year a senior is eligible. The base assessment used in the Senior Citizens Assessment Freeze Homestead Exemption initially equals the assessed value from the prior year's tax calculation. In subsequent years, if the new assessed value is lower than the original base value, the new lower value becomes the new base amount.

To apply, please contact the Will County Supervisor of Assessments at (815) 740-4648.

Housing Assistance - Options Counseling

Catholic Charities has a program to assist with all housing options in Will County.

For assistance regarding housing, please call Catholic Charities Case Coordination Unit at 815-523-9918.