Senior Services does so much for me and our community that I chose to join so that my financial support helps keep the programs and services going. - Lanette

Membership has its benefits! Learn more about the benefits of being a member below!

Why wait until the magazine is available at Senior Services, when you can have it delivered directly to your home or the home of a loved one? It is full of articles to support healthy living for seniors. Our updated magazine also provides educational articles from local businesses that can connect you to valuable resources to keep you healthy, independent and safe!


Some of the most popular events and workshops have limited seating. When you are a member, you have the option of registering before others to have a better chance of getting your space reserved.


As a member, you qualify for discounts on various events, activities and services that are listed throughout the year.


Finally, you get the satisfaction of knowing that your membership fee helps to support all of the services at Senior Services of Will County. Seniors who have trouble with their rent, meals, utilities and other resources are granted assistance through your charitable donations.